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Change of Plans

This morning, just as I was getting ready to have my first bite from a nice bowl of fruit and yogurt, I got a call from Debra at Dr. Prosher’s office at UNM. She wanted to know if I could possibly come for the ultrasound on Tuesday (tomorrow) instead of Wednesday. I quickly realized that agreeing to move the procedure up a day meant beginning the cleaning-out process today.  In fact, it meant starting immediately. I put down my spoon and told Debra I would have to see if I could find someone to drive me there and back on short notice (they’ll be sedating me and won’t allow me drive myself home) and I’d call her back.

A few phone calls later, Mary Anne graciously agreed to be my driver, and I confirmed with Debra that I would begin clear liquids right away in prep for the procedure.  But it wasn’t long before I noticed I was feeling really agitated and grouchy. I think generally if I’m given enough time to process something, enough time to “wrap my head around” it, I can usually find a way to get on board and accept a situation. But often I don’t do well when I’m forced to shift gears too rapidly, when I have to jump too quickly to make a choice or do something differently. With time I’ll nearly always come around, but in the instant when I’m being pushed I tend to resist strongly.

This was one of those times. For days I’ve been fully prepared to do the cleaning-out process one more time – on Tuesday! I was kind of attached to having today to eat whatever I wanted, get some work done, and attend to chores before being preoccupied on Tuesday with no food and having to drink that horrible “Go-Lytely” (a cruel joke of a name if ever there was one). But, as I said, with time I was able to let go of my plans for today and do what needed to be done.

I realized I hadn’t gotten the prescription for Go-Lytely filled yet, so I headed out to Walgreens. While waiting for the pharmacy to get it ready, I went across the street to Trader Joe’s to buy some Organic White Grape Juice (I’ve had to do this clear liquid thing enough times, you’d think I’d just keep a case of the stuff on hand). When I got back to Walgreens to pick up the Go-Lytely, the clerk stapled my receipt to the bag, and smiling wryly as she handed it to me, said, “Have a nice afternoon.”

By 3:00 my stomach was grumbling loudly, and I was getting shaky.  I distracted myself for a few moments with a mug of Organic Free-Range Chicken Broth.  But soon it was time to start drinking the really offending liquid. Every ten minutes. Eight ounces. And ten minutes later. Eight more ounces.

I’m not going to describe the rest. I’ve already been graphically open with various physical details in previous posts. Besides, I could never do as good a job as Dave Barry has in his Colonoscopy Journal. If you haven’t already read his outrageously funny description of this experience, I highly recommend it. Anyway, I’ve just now downed the last eight ounces of Go-Lytely so that tomorrow at noon, Mr. DeMille, I’ll be ready for my close-up.

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