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The Rainbow

It was raining lightly as we got in the car and headed out to the Opera. About twenty minutes later as we approached the entrance, I saw the sun emerge through the clouds near the horizon. The Santa Fe Opera is a gorgeous open-air theatre with a huge panoramic view to the west and north, and I was thinking how nice it would be to see a great sunset from our seats. 

The parking attendant directed us to a space toward the edge of the parking lot a pretty good distance from the theatre. As we started walking in the direction of the Opera, I happened to look back over my shoulder and caught my breath as I suddenly saw the most vibrant and spectacular double rainbow I have ever seen. Both inner and outer rainbows were complete from end to end. Everyone around us was halting in their tracks to stare in awe at it.

The green hills of Tesuque were bathed in a beautiful golden light within the inner rainbow. In the space between the two rainbows, the light was markedly different – almost a dark purple. The sky outside both rainbows was a pale twilight blue and it even looked like it might still be raining lightly all around it.  But the rainbows themselves were incredibly brilliant, with each color entirely distinct from every other color.

Everyone was stopping to gape and take photographs. Looking on, it was impossible not to smile from ear to ear. In those moments, seeing such an awesome sight, I felt completely happy and blessed. I was still thanking God for such a miraculous gift as we took our seats and the orchestra began playing. What followed was a beautiful evening of world class singing, amazing set decoration and costumes, and a fun (if slightly thin) story of a love potion gone awry. But, for me, the rainbow had already stolen the show.

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