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I’m heading over to St. Vincent’s Hospital in just a little while.  This time it’s for out-patient surgery to have a “port-a-cath” installed in my chest so they can administer the chemotherapy more easily.  For whatever reason, I’ve been pretty nervous about this procedure. The idea of having a longish tube running from my collar bone up into my neck and down into an artery in my chest is just a little bit daunting.

Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to who knows about these things says it’s a good idea.  It not only makes getting the chemotherapy easier, it also helps avoid complications from having chemo injected directly into a vein.  Last week during my “Chemo Orientation” at the Cancer Center, I met a man in the treatment room who was having his third chemotherapy session.  I was able to see his port “in action” and he assured me it had been no big deal to have it installed.

It helped ease my fears to have someone who’s actually been through this tell me not to worry too much about it. Nonetheless, I find myself unable to shake the nervous feeling this morning as I’m getting ready to go over to the hospital.  It would probably be a good idea to spend the next few moments doing some breathing exercises and trying to calm myself, so I guess that’s what I’d better do instead of typing away…

I trust that this afternoon I’ll be able to report that all went well.

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