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Alison’s Visit

I’m enjoying a visit with my friend Alison this weekend.  She’s been with me through thick and thin for more than 22 years.  So, of course she would come check on me during these first few days of chemo and radiation treatment.  Thankfully, I’m still feeling pretty good (although I’ll admit a little fatigue has crept in already), so we’ve been able to get out and do a few things that girlfriends would normally do together!

But first I dragged her with me to a meeting with some insurance folks who’ve been working on getting me some more appropriate health coverage (that’s another topic for another day).  Then, Ali got to tag along with me to the Cancer Center for my third radiation treatment.  But afterwards, we got down to “girlfriend time” and had a nice lunch at the Tree House (all organic, local food!) and went shopping for a pair of slippers for me (no luck – I guess August just isn’t a time when people are buying slippers).  We also went to see the movie Julia & Julie, which was a perfect way for me to spend the afternoon as I was beginning to feel kind of tired from the treatment.  We ended our day at home with omelettes for dinner and veggies picked from my garden just moments before.

I seemed to need to take it slow this morning, but now I’m feeling a bit more energy so we’re off to the Farmer’s Market. I’m so grateful for every day that I feel well enough to keep doing the things I love, and for being able to spend time with the people who are dearest to me.

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