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I’ve been wanting to do something different with my hair for a while anyway.

I was surprised when my doctors first told me that the particular chemotherapy drugs I’m on don’t have the common side effect of total hair loss (although they did say it may “thin” a bit).  I’d already prepared myself for losing it, and had begun daydreaming about getting a really short spiky haircut (à la Sharon Stone?) before it was gone.  I knew I wasn’t brave enough to do something that radical under normal circumstances, so this seemed like the time to try it since there’d be no lasting consequences!

I think I even had a touch of disappointment over the news that my regimen wouldn’t having the hair loss side effect.  Although those who have gone through chemo and have lost theirs have told me it’s so much more debilitating than you think it will be, so it hasn’t taken much for me to decide to be grateful instead!

The New Haircut

The New Haircut

Nonetheless, it still seems like there’s no better time to make a change.  As you can see, I didn’t opt for the super short mega change (although that’s still an option!).  Instead, my usual let’s-take-it-slow-and-make-a-small-change-first nature won out.  My Mom took this shot yesterday when I stopped by to show her.

Today is my second big chemo infusion of Oxaliplatin.  I’ll be at the Cancer Center nearly all day.

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