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Mary Jane

Okay.  From the very beginning of treatment several people have asked me if I knew Mary Jane.  I did meet her back in High School, but I didn’t really like her.  I felt like she hung out with a dopey crowd.  I saw her again a couple of times in college, but we just never became close.

Now, since I’ve been sick, it seems like everybody wants to know if I’ve seen Mary Jane recently.  Several “friends of friends” have offered to find a way to get us in touch with each other. Even one of the radiation techs offhandedly wondered if I had a way to locate her.  But the real kicker was when one of my doctors asked me if I knew her!

So, this afternoon she stopped by for a tiny little visit. I was so surprised how much better I felt almost the minute I embraced her. And I haven’t been happier in weeks than I was during the time she was around.  She even made me feel well enough to eat! (Which is a beautiful thing since I’ve lost 5 more pounds since last Wednesday.)

I got such comfort from her visit that I’ve invited her to come back again soon. I told her I’d probably be hanging around the house a lot over these last two weeks of chemo and radiation, and her visits would sure do me good.

I don’t think there’s much chance that we’ll hang out together for all that long.  But, for now, I’m thinking she’s another angel among the many who have helped me on this journey.

So, thank you to everyone who nudged me to hook up with Mary Jane. And especially to those who made her visit possible. Gracias.

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