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After battling snowflakes and slick roads, Karen arrived at Presbyterian around 11 a.m.  Around 11:30 she went off to pre-op with dear Shawn at her side. 

Karen’s surgery started at 1:13 p.m. and to all of our surprise she was through in less than 2 hours (prediction had been 3+).  Dr. Brown came out to the waiting room to give Shawn, Tasya and I an update – he was very pleased and positive. The tumor had shrunk since Karen’s last exam at his office (a very good thing-yipee!). Surgery went well and he will be checking in on her tomorrow.  Karen entered surgery with an incredibly optimistic attitude that was noted by Dr. Brown  Which we all hope will go a long way toward her speedy recovery. 

Karen spent a few hours in post op. She’s now in her room and is trying to get some sleep in between the various beeps of the IV, etc. She’s in really good spririts.  Will keep you posted further tomorrow. Thank you for all of your love and prayers. They were definately felt here.

 P.S. The staff here at Presbyterian have been absolutely wonderful – supportive, reaching out to give us updates.   Particularly Theresa in the surgical waiting area. An absolute angel.

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We’ll be leaving for the hospital shortly…and – surprise! – it’s snowing this morning.

Just wanted to say a quick, heartfelt thank you to everyone who is thinking of me and praying for me today. I can tell I’m already being carried through this on the arms of your love. Although I’m getting a bit more nervous by the moment, I’ve still got some peace tucked away in my heart knowing so many of you are with me today and everyday.

Alison will be posting the next update when she can…

Okay, I’m off! Much love to all.

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