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Day 3 at the hospital and Karen is doing amazingly well.   Yesterday, at 6:30 a.m. she got up for the first time and walked to the doorway of her room.  She walked two additional times, each one longer than the one  before.  Today she volunteered for 2 walks.  INCREDIBLE.  Karen was starting to fuss more about all the tubes, which also is a very good sign!   We’ve since seen Dr. Dudley and he removed one tube and some bandaging.  

Dr. Brown visited last night and noted that he feels her ostomy is one of his “top 3” for the year. Made us both smile and we certainly hope that is the case – as we understand that will make for less complications down the road.  This morning the ostomy nurse visited and she commented how nice the stoma looked – reaffirming Dr. Brown’s assessment. Makes one realize that  surgery is an art form and we’re hoping Dr. Brown and Dr. Brown are the “Rodins” of their trade.

 Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming !


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