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Karen had a bit of a rough evening, with a short bout with nausea.  Gave us a little concern, but then this morning, as vitals were all coming in good, Dr. Dudley freed Karen of her i.v., her oxygen, and the inflatable leg cuffs, with the proviso that Karen continue to lengthen her walks. Dr. Dudley also hinted that the two remaining artificial appendages (the wound drain and the Foley catheter) might be removed tomorrow if she continues on this upward progression. Well that was all our girl had to hear and she was up and about walking three times the length of our prior walks. The walks are difficult, but Karen is doing better each round.

Taysa visited today, with a teapot, tea cups and some of Karen’s tea – no styrofoam cups or Lipton tea  for this patient. Karen also gobbled up some carrot cake from the Flying Star.

We’re hopeful that Karen will be “sprung” from this joint early in the week if things keep going as well as they seem to be. Got our fingers crossed.

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