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More than Valentines

A Valentine


This postcard arrived in the mail yesterday. It was sent to me anonymously from the “Valentine Goddess.”  I do know that it came from someone in Key West because there’s been a flurry of them mentioned by my Key West friends on Facebook. I have a sneaking suspicion who the designer of the card is (this art has her “signature” all over it!), but I get the impression from the comments on Facebook that it’s possible others may have been involved in the distribution of these wonderful Valentines.

I also like to read a weekly astrological column in Pasatiempo (the Arts & Entertainment magazine in my local newspaper). The astrologer, Heather Roan Robbins, made this clever comment – that I just loved:

Ask not what Valentine’s Day can do for you, but what you can do for Valentine’s Day.

To that I say: whoever took the time, effort and expense to send this lovely little Valentine’s message out to the world definitely asked themselves that question – what can I do for Valentine’s Day? They certainly came up with a great idea and deserve an enormous hug of appreciation.  We can always use a little more love – without exception!

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