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PET Scan

Sorry for the delay in getting the news out about last week’s PET Scan. I only received the results myself just a few moments ago:

Drum roll please:  PICTURE PERFECT PET SCAN!  Ta Da!

That unidentified area in my sacrum that showed up in the CT Scan (prompting the need for the PET Scan) did not light up in the PET, so no malignancy. The thinking is still that it’s some scar tissue left over from radiation and surgery.

I also just learned that I won’t have any more tests (other than bloodwork) for a year. Then I’ll go back for a CT Scan (no need for a PET unless something shows up on the CT). And, my oncological team confirmed that I do not need another colonoscopy for three years since this one came out so beautifully! Hooray!

All that I’m to do now is continue to see Dr. Fekrazad for quarterly office visits to review bloodwork, and to see Dr. Brown quarterly for follow-up on my surgery. I am still seeing a Physical Therapist regularly for the urinary issues, but hope to have even that under “control” very soon, too!

So, it’s all good!

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you to every one of you who had a hand in bringing me back to health on this year-long journey through your many:

♥ thoughts

♥ prayers

♥ positive intentions

♥ cards

♥ email messages

♥ phone calls

♥ blog comments

♥ visits

♥ hand-holding

♥ errand running

♥ prescription pick-up

♥ food preparation

♥ driving to/sitting through appointments

♥ traveling from far and wide

♥ holding the space while I was in surgery

♥ caring for me in the days following surgery

♥ and many, many other gifts given in the name of love.

Thank you. I am humbled and eternally grateful.

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