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I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. But I somehow had the illusion that it wouldn’t happen to me!

I had a HUGE blow-out with my colostomy bag. Thankfully, I was at home when it happened. It was bad. REALLY BAD. I was sitting at the computer when I realized something had happened, so I lifted up my shirt and camisole to take a peek, and there was SHIT everywhere! It was all over my waist and side, all over my camisole, all over my shirt…oh, man, it was everywhere!

So, I’m really glad it didn’t happen while I was out somewhere.

I think the seal on the bag failed because I’d been using baby oil to lubricate the inside of the pouch (so it would be easier to empty). The ostomy nurse and some literature I’ve read said baby oil or cooking spray was okay to use. I opted for baby oil because I just couldn’t wrap my head around keeping a can of Pam in the bathroom. But I think the baby oil must have gotten under the wafer seal somehow and the whole bag just came loose from my skin.

Trust me…this is not something you ever want to have happen. To add insult to injury, both shirts were white! I’ve washed them in hot water numerous times already and you can still see some of the stain. Made me wonder: how did mom’s ever get cloth diapers clean…?

So, I may just have to get used to keeping cooking spray next to the toilet. In comparison to the legions of other things I’ve had to adjust to in this dance with cancer, I suppose Pam in the bathroom is fairly minor.

Thought y’all might get a little chuckle out of this post. (No photo though!)

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