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Hi, Dad…

My father called today to check on me (as he does every few days). He said, “You must not be feeling too good…you haven’t written anything on the blog in a while.”  It’s true – when I’m feeling crummy it’s often harder for me to muster up the gumption to write something. But, here goes:


Hi, Dad.

You were right about a couple of things you said: I haven’t been feeling too hot for a few days, and lately you’re not the biggest pain in my ass.

Love you,



In One Year and Out the Other

On New Year’s Eve each year I like to reread a little book I picked up at the Larkspur Press in Kentucky. It’s a book of American haiku-style poetry called In One Year and Out the Other by Steve Sanfield. Each short poem is about the beginning or the end of a year. Here’s one that I particularly liked on this year’s reading:

Only four days into it / and already / two weeks behind

I’ll see if I can get you guys all caught up here soon…Meanwhile, a Happy New Year to you.


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