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Big Mac

No, I haven’t taken to eating at fast food restaurants, and this isn’t a food review…

My sweetie Tim went absolutely overboard for Valentine’s day and got me a huge new iMac computer – the one with an unbelievable terabyte of memory. We had a terrific computer tech, Ollie, come help get it all set up (and bring my old PC data & programs over for the transition). Even he could hardly contain his excitement about working on such an amazing machine. All I know is it’s fast, fast, fast…

I’ve been a diehard PC user for (I hate to admit this) over 25 years. In the past, when the topic of switching to Mac came up, I steadfastly held my ground – I just couldn’t be bothered with the learning curve I believed would be involved to make the transition. So, for the last three years or so, I’ve hobbled along on my Compaq laptop which was getting progressively slower and slower – to the point that I would sometimes wait 15 or 20 minutes just for it to boot up.

Goodbye old friend...

If you’re going to be working from home and trying to make your living on-line (tea, vintage goods, jewelry, artful angels…), it’s pure insanity to sit in front of a computer constantly waiting for it to do the next task. Seeing me so frustrated, Tim suggested I try using his Mac when I wanted to go on-line, so I wouldn’t be waiting hours for things to load. I reluctantly gave it try – and much to my amazement – it was not only supremely faster but not nearly as difficult to navigate as I imagined.

It happens that Tim and I are both left-handed, but oddly enough, we use the mouse on opposite sides. His lives on the left (makes sense!), but mine is always on the right, probably because I learned to type with a pencil nearby for things like bank reconciliations, etc. So, I was always picking up the pencil in my left hand, making it possible to multi-task with the mouse in my right.

When I started using his Mac, I’d switch the mouse to the right and have to put a pillow on his chair so I sat up high enough to see his screen without craning my neck. Most times, when I was done using his computer, I put everything back exactly the way I found it. But then I’d get called away for one thing or another and forget to switch things back. He’d go into his office and find a computer set up “for Karen’s use.” He was very tolerant about it, but we could both see it wasn’t going to work long-term.

He began showing me iMacs on-line and asking if I’d consider getting one. I kept being obstinate and saying I wasn’t ready (didn’t want to spend the money, didn’t need it that much, would get my laptop serviced, and lots of other excuses). And then, a few days before Valentine’s Day, he just decided to come out and say it: “I really want to get you the iMac for a gift, but first you have to tell me you want it.”

Duh. Sometimes I don’t know how to get out of my own way. Of course I wanted it!

a new iMac on my desk!

So, here it is on my desk. I’m having a blast learning all the nifty features and absolutely zipping around between programs. I was also really excited to get my photos of items for my Etsy shop loaded and listed on the site in record time! So, I’m a convert. A very spoiled convert.

The desktop shot of the eggs and vintage egg separator is there to remind me that, if we’re willing, we can start from scratch at any time.

Thank you, Tim. I love you!

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More than Valentines

A Valentine


This postcard arrived in the mail yesterday. It was sent to me anonymously from the “Valentine Goddess.”  I do know that it came from someone in Key West because there’s been a flurry of them mentioned by my Key West friends on Facebook. I have a sneaking suspicion who the designer of the card is (this art has her “signature” all over it!), but I get the impression from the comments on Facebook that it’s possible others may have been involved in the distribution of these wonderful Valentines.

I also like to read a weekly astrological column in Pasatiempo (the Arts & Entertainment magazine in my local newspaper). The astrologer, Heather Roan Robbins, made this clever comment – that I just loved:

Ask not what Valentine’s Day can do for you, but what you can do for Valentine’s Day.

To that I say: whoever took the time, effort and expense to send this lovely little Valentine’s message out to the world definitely asked themselves that question – what can I do for Valentine’s Day? They certainly came up with a great idea and deserve an enormous hug of appreciation.  We can always use a little more love – without exception!

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I have a really good excuse for not posting anything here for a week! I have been a busy gal! Here’s the evidence:

Last Sunday: I had a “sound healing” session with Leigh Ann Phillips. She does amazing and unusual healing work with crystal singing bowls. I’ve never seen so many singing bowls in one place (I’m guessing there were at least 20). My eyes were closed for the whole session, but I swear it sounded like there were five people playing the bowls at once. She assured me it was just her! To say it was a powerful experience doesn’t do it justice. I was literally vibrating when I left. You can read a whole lot more about what she does on her website. (I have my friend Lerin to thank for giving me the session. Leigh Ann is planning to return to Santa Fe in March and I’m planning to see her again…it was that uplifting!)

Tuesday: I had my 8-week follow-up visit with the surgeon, Dr. Brown.  He was very happy with my recovery and gave me the “all clear” to do whatever activities I want to now (no more restrictions on lifting, and I can try a more active yoga class if I feel up to it!). We spent more time talking about his favorite football team (the Saints) than we did about my health. I think that’s a good sign.

Friday: Tim and I took a little day trip and had the best time without even going very far. Our first stop was Madrid for a surprisingly wonderful lunch at a new “Southern cooking” restaurant called The Holler. The crispy chicken was breaded and fried to perfection! It was served on organic greens with cheese and fruit – utterly yummy. After lunch we popped into a little co-op gallery called Spirit in Art where I got even more inspired to create (results below!) after seeing what those artists were up to.

From there we took back roads along the Sandia mountains, drove through San Felipe pueblo, and even kept to the unpaved roads along the Rio Grande until we came upon a sign that read: Tribal Members Only Beyond This Point. We backtracked a bit and, unbelievably, we managed to be hungry again and had to stop at the Flying Star Café in Bernalillo for apple crisp pie (delicious, but NOT as good as Shawn’s version of apple crisp!).

So, you’re now wondering, what was she doing on the other days that she didn’t have time to blog? Well, I’ve been continuing to make those assemblage angels I mentioned back before the surgery, and I finally got brave enough to show the world what I’ve been inspired to create – so I opened another Etsy shop where I now have my Artful Angels for sale. Here’s a peak at a few, but please visit the whole gang at artfulshe.etsy.com.

I was working late into the night last night to get the new site up and running. I hardly slept. And then this morning I was stunned to find another Etsy seller had already discovered my work and featured one of my angels in a “treasury” she made (it’s a way for Etsy sellers to promote other Etsy sellers’ work). So, if you’re snooping around Etsy, check out this treasury too! But hurray because they only last two days. The one I’m featured in expires on Tuesday at 3:00 PM.

Now that you’re caught up, I wanna go see how many “hearts” my angels have gotten (folks who like your items can list them as one of their “favorites” – they also call them “hearts”). Gotta run! Back in a jiffy!

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